Why air KANNA?

What is “AIR KANNA”?

The AIR KANNA uses bespoke technology developed in house at Grandline Inc. We utilise a simple dry process to easily strip dirt, faded paint and other unwanted layers from the surface of timber. Thereby, allowing for quick and effective restoration. Compatible with wooden, metallic, non metallic, resin and other surfaces.

Why Air Kanna? Reason #1

Our product neatly blasts away fungus, dirt and other undesirable layers by jetting a concentrated stream of air and wood chips onto the target.



Why Air Kanna? Reason #2

Toggling between wood chips and air pressure settings enables the user to brush, scrape, strip or scratch a surface to achieve the desired results. All with the use of a single machine.

The AIR KANNA features a stepless power control, enabling the selection of extremely gentle pressures suitable for removing dirt and grime from delicate items. For this reason it has been selected for use in the restoration of Japanese cultural artifacts.

Adjust the amount of surface ablated from a few microns to several centimetres. Can effectively remove fungus and decorative finishes such as embossed items.

Chipped and faded paint can be stripped without damaging the underlying wood.

By roughening the surface the effective surface area can be increased which improves the adhesive strength of subsequently applied layers.

Why Air Kanna? Reason #3

By being able to perform four different tasks it can reduce construction time to as little as one sixtieth: 1/60.

Unwanted layer removable time
(Compared with a conventional method)


We have a wide range of videos to show how effective AIR KANNA is in our video library.


Not only end-users we are also looking to expand through distributors worldwide. Please feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in becoming a distributor.