Our core purpose is to produce quality yet affordable and simple to maintain tools.

We aim to research and develop affordable methods for the maintenance of historical timber structures, dwellings, stores, office buildings, public baths, medical and healthcare facilities, and any facilities where hygiene is paramount such as food processing plants. We have the research and development site at Ritsumeikan University, Kusatsu campus in order to remain current and take advantage of the variety of disciplines available at a modern university. We believe this is the best path to enriching the lives of our customers.


Name  Grandline Inc
CEO Satoru Hayakawa
Established 2007/6/25
Location 1-1-1 Noji-higashi, Kusatsu Shiga 525-8577 JAPAN
Tel +81 77-564-8515
Fax +81 77-564-8513



1996 Founded Hayakawa Biken, a window cleaning company for tall buildings
1999 Started cleaning business for shops, office buildings, hospitals and care houses etc. in Shiga prefecture.
2001  Undertook an annual contract to clean all the premises belonging to the the general drug store chain, ‘Kirin do’.
2003  Contracted with MIta City hospital in Hyogo Prefecture for general all purpose improvements.
2004 Contracted with Otsu Red Cross Hospital in Shiga prefecture for improving cleaning management systems for the entire building.
2005 Contracted with JCHO Shiga Hospital for improving cleaning management systems for the entire building.
2007 Founded Grandline Inc.
2010 Contracted with a convenience store and main office of a drug store for improving restroom sanitation.
2011 Our unique cleaning management manual was adopted by whole branches of a convenience store chain, started selling cleaning products throughout Japan.
2012 Started developing ‘AIR KANNA’ for renewing wood surface using a dry process.
2013 Started supplying OEM to major mail order companies, shopping channels, cosmetic companies, factories, etc.
2014  Relocated the office and laboratory toRitsumeikan University.
Received a ‘manufacturing for small & medium enterprises’ grant for ‘Skill development measures related hyper hydraulic antifouling and antimicrobial coating’ From the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
2015 Registered trade mark right for AIR KANNA (Registration number 5813503)
Developed the prototype of AIR KANNA dry process and contracted with Higashi Ote Mon at Nijo Castle in Kyoto (World Cultural Heritage site) for the removal of rust.
2016 Undertook a contract with Asakura-yama Shinzen-in Temple in Gifu prefecture (a National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties site) for removal of decayed paint using the AIR KANNA.
2017 Registered patent for AIR KANNA (Registration number 62068985)
Began a contract with Mieido and Kuden in Jodo Shu head temple, Chion-in in Kyoto prefecture, (a National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties site)for cleaning gold leaf decorations after our presentation of AIR KANNA.
2018 Successfully developed natural coating ( base coat, bitumen coat, vermilion lacquer, color coat etc.) , penetrative color pigment paint (O.S.V、OC、OPOS、ST、WP), synthetic resin coatings (paint, enamel etc.) , environmentally friendly peeling agent and wet process.